AGA S-Series  

S-Series Four-Two

Key Features:

Height to hot-plate: 910mm

Clearance required above hob: 650mm

Width: 595mm

Depth: 620mm (front to back, measured to the front-plate, it's 675mm to the front of the hand-rail)

Weight: 140kg

Cream, Aqua, Aubergine, Black, British Racing Green, Dark Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, White, Heather, Pistachio

Four-burner gas hob. (The ovens are always electric.)

Dual-zone ceramic grill (in the top oven).

Hob and Oven Ratings

Gas Hob:
One Ultra-rapid 4.5kW burner, one rapid 3.0kW burner and two semi-rapid 1.75kW burners.
Fitted with a 'Flame Failure Device' to shut off the gas supply should the flame extinguish.

Top Oven:
Conventional Electric oven (2.2kW), Energy rating 'C'.

Grill (The grill is in the top oven):

Rapid response 2.25kW ceramic grill.

Bottom Oven:
Fan oven (2kW), Energy rating 'D'.
(The fan oven is programmable with the onboard digital timer.)

Electrical and Gas Requirements:
A 32amp 'Cooker Circuit' is required for the Four-Two.

A suitably sized gas supply (for the 11kW rating of the burners) is required. The size of the pipe depends on the length (of pipe), number of bends and the rating of the other appliances connected to the system. (Your Gas Safe registered engineer will be able to help with pipe-sizing - it's part of their basic training.)

It is vital that the electric supply switch is to the side of the cooker, not behind or above it.

The positioning and alignment of the gas connector (it needs to be a 'mini-bayonet' fitting, pointing sideways) is also critical - if it's not positioned correctly it will not fit in the cooker's recessed back panel and effectively 'push' it forward. Please refer to us or the manufacturer's 'Installation Instructions' for the positioning details

AGA S-Series Six-Four Ceramic Hob

Key Features:

Cast-iron doors
Choice of high speed ceramic, natural gas or LPG six-ring hob
Ceramic electric grill
Electric fan oven
Conventional oven
Electric simmering oven
Special oven linings
Digital timer
Griddle (available with natural gas Six-Four models only)
Powerful cooker hood (optional extra)

Fuel Type:
Ceramic Hob, Gas Hob

Colours Available:
Cream, Aqua, Aubergine, Black, British Racing Green, Dark Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Pearl Ashes, Pewter, White, Heather, Pistachio

Cast-iron doors - Uniquely AGA, the Six-Four doors are made from cast-iron with a gleaming vitreous enamel finish.

Choice of high speed ceramic, natural gas or LPG six-ring hob - The ceramic hotplate includes two powerful dual elements which can be turned up for boiling or down for simmering and a 'hob hot' indicator for safety. The gas hob gives instant power with a rapid response and includes a powerful wok burner ideal for stir-fries.

Ceramic electric grill - The rapid-response ceramic grill heats up in seconds and is designed specifically to eliminate cold spots for even cooking.

Electric fan oven - Programmable and very quick, the fan oven also keeps an even temperature, making it perfect for cooking several dishes at once.

Conventional oven - Its heat zones make it the ideal, versatile oven for all types of cooking and it's large enough to hold a 7.25kg (16lb) turkey.

Electric simmering oven - This oven's low heat cooks casseroles and stews to perfection; it's also great for drying out meringues.

Special oven linings - To save on cleaning time, the ovens have a specially developed lining which helps them keep themselves clean during cooking.

Digital timer - To fit in with your schedule, the timer allows you to program the fan oven to start and stop automatically.

Griddle - A double sided cast aluminium plate, half smooth and half ridged comes as standard with natural gas Six-Four models. A cast iron grill pan comes as standard with LPG Six-Four models.

Powerful cooker hood (optional extra) - Efficient, stylish and designed to complement your S-Series Six-Four, its high performance three-speed fan will absorb strong smells and steam. 

How It Works
The S-Series Six-Four takes all the flexibility and convenience of an AGA heat-storage cooker and fuses it with the instant response of a conventional range cooker. In fact, when it comes to cooking credentials you'll have to look very hard indeed to find another conventional range cooker that comes even close.

The S-Series Six-Four offers a choice of six gas burners or a six-ring ceramic hob and three ovens - a powerful, conventional electric oven, a simmering oven, a fan oven and a separate rapid-response ceramic grill. Quite simply, there isn't a type of cooking that it can't perfect… whether you're making a meal worthy of a Michelin star or whipping up a quick after-school snack for the children. And as it takes inspiration from the original AGA heat storage cooker, it looks just as good as it cooks.

Made from cast-iron, the S-Series Six-Four is both durable and stylish. With its enamelled cast-iron front plate and doors, it's a bold style statement for any kitchen. And at just under a metre wide, it can also fit into any design plan with ease - placed AGAinst a wall, within an island unit or nestled between standard kitchen units. The AGA S-Series Six-Four is available in a choice of AGA colours and either dual fuel (gas hob and electric ovens) or electric (ceramic hob and electric ovens).

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